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Rampart instructors are just that: they are teachers first. All instructors are state certified school teachers with decades of experience in the classroom. Rampart instructors are NRA certified Range Safety Officers, as well as NRA certified instructors in multiple levels of NRA training courses. Rampart instructors are  certified by both Nebraska and Utah to teach their state specific concealed carry permit classes.

Rampart classes are kept small to allow for a great deal of individual attention. The level of instruction ranges from completely new owners and shooters up to more advanced defensive training. No student is turned down based on experience. Offerings include both NRA certified courses, as well as state specific courses for concealed carry permits.

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Concealed carry permit classes are offered at least once per month. Other courses are offered as the demand requires. Email or telephone Rampart directly if you have questions about individual classes or scheduling.

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We are not scheduling public classes at this time. We  are still offering PRIVATE classes for concealed carry and for first time shooters. Click here to contact Rampart regarding a PRIVATE class.

Concealed Carry

The requirements for the training needed to apply for a permit to carry concealed firearms, handguns and/or "weapons," varies greatly from one state to another. Rampart is certified to teach the specific, required courses for both Nebraska, and Utah. We are also certified by the NRA to teach a variety of approved courses which meet the requirements for concealed carry in many other states, such as Iowa and Florida.

Nebraska Concealed Handgun Permit

This course has been approved by the Nebraska State Patrol to meet the specific requirements for obtaining a permit to carry a concealed handgun in the state of Nebraska. This class is NOT for first time shooters. The expectation is that anyone trying to earn a permit to carry a concealed handgun is already an experienced shooter. The classroom portion of this course is a minimum of eight hours, followed by a live fire shooting qualification on the range. Rampart completes their shooting qualifications on an indoor range, so there is never a reschedule due to weather. Classroom course work and the range qualification are completed on the same day.

Iowa Concealed Weapons Permit

The requirements to apply for a Concealed Weapons Permit in Iowa are very flexible. EVERY course offered by Rampart meets the requirements in Iowa to apply for a carry permit.

Private Lessons for First Time Shooters

Rampart PerPro also teaches PRIVATE lessons for first time shooters. In such a class we actually come to your home. We give hands on instruction and explain/demonstrate the differences and similarities between revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. You will learn first hand what is meant by "single action" and "double action." You will learn how to safely load and unload revolvers and semi-automatic pistols using practice ammunition. We will cover the importance of proper gun and ammunition storage, and how to safely break down a variety of handguns for cleaning and maintenance. We will cover all of the handgun shooting fundamentals such as stance, grip, breath control, trigger control and aiming. Then we will report to the firing range for 100% one-on-one instruction. You will be taken onto the firing line with your own private instructor. You will load and shoot both revolvers and semi-automatic pistols, starting with .22 caliber target models, and moving up to higher caliber handguns. You will shoot both "full frame" guns as well as models that are specifically designed for concealed carry. These classes are paid by the hour, and have a two hour minimum.

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